Dale Basham



Your candidate for City Council At Large in Muncie, Indiana.

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Since November, I have received countless calls and messages expressing support and urging me to stay involved. There have been a number of opportunities presented to me, in both the private and public sectors. I have been flattered and humbled by the trust the community has placed in me.

After considering these various opportunities, I have decided that I will be a candidate for Muncie City Council, At Large, in 2023. Over the past several years, our city council has been divided by petty infighting, both among its members and with the mayor. I am seeking to become a city council member to bring a spirit of collaboration back to Muncie city government. Throughout my career in Muncie, I have worked together with people from every socio-economic, racial, geographic, and political group in the city. I pledge to work collaboratively with our mayor, as well as the other city council members.

Over the course of my career in Muncie, I have had a number of positions focused on serving the public. I spent over thirty years as a teacher, guidance counselor, and associate principal at Southside High School, Director of the Muncie Area Career Center, Interim Principal at Muncie Central High School, several interim administrative positions, and as a member of the Muncie Community School Board. Since my retirement, I have served on a variety of boards and commissions and as interim Executive Director of Muncie Visitor’s Bureau.

One board which I am particularly proud of is my service as a member and president of the Muncie Fire Merit Commission. I will use this experience to advocate for our firefighters and police officers who keep us safe every day. It is important that these public safety officers are justly compensated for their important role.

I am excited for this opportunity, and I cannot wait to be YOUR member of Muncie City Council. But I cannot do this alone. I need your help. I need your financial support. I need your prayers. I need your vote.