Health Care

Opioid Addiction Crisis:
The opioid crisis has hit the Midwest especially hard. I believe prevention starts at a young age and that, with the right resources, recovery is possible and sustainable. As your District 34 Representative, I will support Governor Holcomb’s initiative to help Hoosiers achieve and maintain recovery by:

  • Actively encouraging prevention by seeking funds for integrating anti-drug education into school curriculum.
  • Collaborating with local and state leaders, and the healthcare industry, to increase the number of opioid treatment sites statewide, placing most Hoosiers within one hour’s drive of help.
  • Seeking grant programs to encourage innovative prevention and treatment initiatives on a community level.

Transparency in Medical Billing:
Too many Americans have faced devastating medical bills, especially following a hospital stay. By increasing transparency in medical billing, we will allow Hoosiers to make informed decisions about their healthcare. As your District 34 Representative, I pledge to:

  • Support recent state-level legislation that requires healthcare providers to supply good faith estimates for health care services
  • Advocate for greater patient empowerment to compare cost and quality of treatments
  • Actively incorporate citizens’ concerns into health care policy making