Small Business

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year to be a small business owner. As we move forward into a post COVID-19 world, we must support our small businesses however we can. Independently owned businesses are vital to the economy of the state of Indiana and District 34, with over 1.2 million people or 45% of Indiana employees being employed at a small business. As your state representative I support:

  • Establishing a childcare tax credit for employees that do not have the option to work remotely
  • Strengthen Entrepreneurship Support Organizations which provide training, mentorship, relationships, and coaching programs for small businesses
  • Deploying federal and state funding to retain permanently displaced workers
  • Provide meaningful business property tax relief for all small businesses that were impacted during the pandemic
  • Temporarily enhance unemployment benefits to those impacted and in need due to the pandemic
  • Create legislation that provides incentive packages to expand and develop local small businesses.

Entrepreneurship is the bedrock of our nation, state, and local community. Our small businesses – our neighbors – are hurting. We must do everything in our power to support them during this time of critical need.